Desmond says: There has been a demand for luxury chocolates for centuries, "From the foamy drink of the Aztecs to the rich confections of Europe, chocolate has long been celebrated as an indulgence fit for Kings, Desmond says ;
"We feel that other than celebrating the wondrous cocoa plant, International Chocolate Day brings the opportunity to celebrate everything chocolaty," he says. "A little bit of decadence never hurt anyone, so we are encouraging people to celebrate this day by joining in the merriment by gorging themselves silly on the dreamy stuff without needing an excuse."
While chocolate has long been considered a great indulgence, recent studies have also shown that there may be reasons to feel a little less guilty about eating chocolate and it can actually be beneficial to your health.
"Researchers have found that certain chocolates and cocoa contain flavonoids, or anti oxidents that may help reduce the risk of heart disease," he says. "Chocolate also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium, and recent studies have shown that chocolate contains a substance called catechins that could help prevent cancer and heart disease."
In addition, with its reputed aphrodisiac qualities, chocolate with a high cocoa content has for centuries been associated with the simple sensual pleasure of its consumption.


Desmond graduated in New York from the training he received from a chocolatier master, he went on to run a chocolate factory and his own retail outlets expanding to Mexico and throughout North America and now he is happy to be back in the UK, where he originated from, and happy to be making smooth luxurious chocolate.